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in: Seminole, United States Minor Outlying Islands

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“smile and say hi ”

On Tuesday at work i pass the people that i pass i said hi to the customers at work it made me feel so happy inside is just keep on doing the thing that i do at work. I learn at work my boom boom card teach me what the card helps me like When i pass the people like a woman and a gentleman i will say hi to them When they came in the hair salon or when i pass them. I love doing my boom boom card it's gonna help a lot so i won't mess it up i wanna make people happy and like when there are made or having a bad day i can walk up to them and say hi.

Miley001 said…
March 03rd 2017

That was very nice Nina from brooke

angelaberk96 said…
March 03rd 2017

AW that's nice

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