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“Jon's 23 Half Years Old Birthday Party!”

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Yesterday was my younger brother, Jon's, 11 and 1/2 birthday. When he was younger he would often bring treats to school on his half birthday since his real birthday is during summer break, but as he got older he slowly stopped and just celebrate his real birthday. Yesterday we changed that! I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing (he really likes chocolate!) and decorated in with mini marshmallows (see photo) in which I spelled out "HAPPY 23 HALF B-DAY" since 11 and 1/2 years equal 23 half years.
I also wrote out a small, funny speech that read, "Four score and 23 half years ago our mother and father brought forth on this continent, Jon, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men were created to have fun. We now come together to celebrate this tremendous milestone, for it is not everyday that someone turns 23 half years old, and though the comings have been rough. We travel on through good and bad times. Now let us celebrate and eat lots of cake!". I then took this paper and brushed coffee on it to make it look yellowed and wrinkled and rolled it up to look like a scroll.
Then last night I asked Jon to come in from the other room and we all yelled out surprise! He was really stunned and happy! He cut himself a big slice of cake and laughed when I read out the speech! It was really fun!

August said…
February 19th 2013

thats really nice of you! good job.

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