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“I Suck @ Titles”

The boom boom card I received today was the one about celebrating someone's half birthday. When I first read the card, I thought it would be tough to remember someone's half birthday, since I have a hard time remembering regular birthdays as it is. But then I thought about what day it would be six months from now, and I realized it wouldn't be so hard after all. It just so happens that TODAY was the half birthday of someone I used to be friends with.

I was really excited when I figured out that I could already pass my card on to someone, so I ran around the cafeteria making them a lame excuse for a birthday card and grabbing cookies and hot chocolate. I went to find the person I was going to give my card to, but as soon as I found him I started to rethink my decision. The thing is, the person I was planning on giving my card and cookies to used to be one of my best friends. (Or at least I like to think we were friends?) However, I'm 105% sure that person has hated me for the last two years. But I decided to forget about that for a minute and give them a nice little half-birthday celebration anyway. And when I gave him the cookies, he said he had been wanting one for a while and he thanked me, which was a far better reaction that I had anticipated.

As much as I'd like that cookie to somehow fix our friendship, I'm not so sure that it's enough. But I think that's probably the problem with most people today. Everyone is so pessimistic, no one bothers to take time to do little things for other people. I mean, what good will it do, right? But I guess that's why we are doing these cards. The kind acts have to start somewhere--even if it's only bringing someone a cookie. And even if this person still hates me, as Miss Thompson put it, he'll remember me.

And I didn't end up giving him the hot chocolate, since a friend of mine (cough DJ) put his finger in it. I figure giving someone contaminated hot chocolate probably isn't the best way to gain their forgiveness.

And as it turns out, it wasn't even his half birthday. I was a day off, or maybe it was a month, I'm not sure. But I'm still glad I did it anyway.

emmyb said…
January 15th 2009

You might suck at titles, but you don't suck at being courageous...that took a lot of guts and, while you might feel like it didn't do much and he didn't show it, I bet he was pretty thrilled. Who doesn't like to feel special? And you made him feel pretty special I am guessing. You rule.

tokyobabie said…
January 26th 2009

That is really kind of what you did even though you are no longer friends with this person. Nice job!

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