Teen Deck – Card 7
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in: Highland, CA United States

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“Garbage Pickup”

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I never noticed how much trash you come across in one day! At school, in the parking lot...everywhere! It made me think about the little choices we make, and how they affect others. Someone throwing that trash on the ground might not think about the fact that someone else will have to throw that away. But now I will!

Tiger Martin said…
February 10th 2017

Wow. This is amazing. I just registered today and trash pick up hits home! I hike 5 days a week w dogs. I see trash all the time and it makes me so mad. Sometimes I pick it up. I met someone this week that hikes. He tries to pick up a bag of trash every time. He made the hike a better experience for me and I did not know it until I met him. Now I'm going to do the hard work for others.

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