Teen Deck – Card 16
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“In a bit”

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In my household I'm considered the laziest person there. If I get told clean my room, I'll just make my bed, and hide things under it. All my life I have either fully committed to the task on hand to make it as perfect as possible. Usually however, I try finding the easiest and fastest way to get whatever I have to do done. So with the challenge on the card, I tried to find the easiest chores around the house. The first chore I did was vacuuming the house, it wasn't that hard and it only took 15 minutes. My mom came in and was astonished that I was actually cleaning the house without being told. Whenever she tells me to do something around the house, I usually just yell out "in a bit!".
As the week went on I started taking on harder chores, which weren't really hard. I just never did them before because my mom would do them. After the week and challenge ended, I felt the need to do something. It just became a routine for me, my mom had less work to do around the house. It felt good for me to help her out, I never get asked to do anything around the house anymore. Mainly because I do it on my own. I feel like I would eventually become more responsible around the house, but having the challenge in my life definitely sped up the process.

ManateeD-Fy said…
June 16th 2017

You probably don't realize how much this means to your mom! Moms work really hard to give their children the best life possible and the fact that you decided to give back is admirable!

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