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“Pleasent Meetings”

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Everyday i wake up in the morning ready to take the day on. I meet new people a lot but not everyday, I'm a very shy person and I don't say hi first. But doing this experiment just made me get out of my comfort-zone and I realized that it was a great experience and everyday during that week, i made someone smile and it was amazing to see how simple it is to make someones day. One person in particular especially i met at the bus stop on holgate, I said hi and introduced myself and he did the same he said He liked my shoes and hair and then he asked me if I drink or do drugs and I said no. I'm an athlete that's when we got on the bus and I found two empty seats and I told him to sit next to me. because the bus was full that's when he offered me twenty dollars and I said no thank you I work, volunteer, and cut hair part time. he asked me what kind of work I do and I said landscaping and yard maintenance. He said it's tough work and he told me thank you because I can use this money to buy food for the day. When I tell people they take the money. He said life is hard right now because he's living in his friends barbershop in the basement, and his stop was coming up and he told me if he wanted to work for his friend at his shop I could. I'll never forget this because even people who don't have much give so much. His name was Ret

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