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“Living Room Fort Family Time :)”

This was some good focused family time. We did it on a Friday night after building anticipation around it for almost a week. It was a great winter family activity...totally forgot to give the fort a name, but meh. That was a detail that absolutely didn't distract from the overall fun of it. We hung our 2 largest blankets from the center post in our living room, going opposite directions like a house roofline. The kids set up intricate beds--one in a cardboard box and the other on a couple large pillows. Mom and Dad were on a pull out "sofa". There were stuffies, bento box dinners prepared by the kids that included applesauce, crackers and cheese, pickles, popcorn, and an apple :), a warm fire and 2 episodes of a new Amazon series called "Ronja". It was pretty exciting so sleep time didn't come easily but finally everybody settled in for the night and we went to sleep with the crackling fire under our pretty awesome fort.
Next morning the family worked together to get cleaned up. We're now thinking about the possibility of a winter camp out in the yard.

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