Family Deck – Card 26
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“Generation to Generation”

The Boom Boom card that I received wanted me to ask an older relative to teach me a game or a song that they remember from their childhood. When I saw this card, I immediately knew that I wanted to reach out to my grandmother and papa. They always enlighten me with stories from their past, and I am always so captivated by them. Therefore, I knew who the right person was to ask. While visiting my grandparents, I asked her to teach me how to play a game that she enjoyed playing as a child or teen. This is when she introduced me to the game aggravation. She stated that the goal of this game is to be the first player to have all four marbles playing pieces reach the player's home section of the board. So you might be wondering why is the game called aggravation just like I was. My grandmother said that the game gets its name from when an opponent's marble lands on your occupied space, which can be very aggravating. After she explained the game to me, we decided to play and it was indeed aggravating at times.

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