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in: Greenbrae, CA United States

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“Super-revolutionized from coffee to fried chicken sandwich!”

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I was going to get a fried chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty's in Oakland, CA. Hurrying as it was close to closing time but I figured if I, at least, was able to get in line; they should be able to serve me. When I got to the restaurant, a man (in a traffic vest) was there. I asked if he was the "end of the line" and he motioned that I should go ahead of him. Still not sure if he was a patron or someone to help with crowd control (the lines do get long), I asked again and said I was happy to get behind him. But he motioned that I should go ahead and that it was "ladies first". During the short wait, I was thinking about the cards and knew there was one for buying a stranger a cup of coffee. So I figured what a way to start. Then the second cashier offered to help the man and turns out he had a voucher for a free sandwich. I then interrupted and told him to keep his coupon for another day as I was picking up for his that day. Surprise and delight for him, the staff and it seemed my sandwich was extra tasty that day!

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