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“It really does work”

I was at a Starbuck's the other day and wanted to see how this thing would work. As a friend and I waited to order from one cashier, a woman walked up to the other cashier and so I asked, "Can I buy you your coffee?" (I was willing to revolutionize it and make a latte...hell, I would make it a double frappaccino with two pumps of vanilla sugar free and extra ice if that's what the lady wanted!) She looked at me with a bit of suspicion and somewhat of a glare and replied with some vehemence, "No, I don't think so."

Feeling somewhat shutdown and wondering about this whole Boom Boom thing, I just turned to order my coffee (double espresso for anyone who cares...). Another guy walked up to the other cashier so not to be so easily discouraged, I offered again, perhaps this time without so much enthusiasm, "Can I buy you your coffee?" This guy's eyes just lit up and he said, "Hell yes you can!" So I paid for his coffee (no opportunity to revolutionize it as he said he was really jonesin' for just a large coffee).

I was feeling pretty good about my efforts, but this is where the story changed me...As I went to pay for mine and my friend's coffees (why not a little boom boom for my friend?) and the barista said, "These are on me...that was pretty cool what you just did."

I guess it really does work, eh?

Jennie_Lolz said…
January 05th 2009

hey i think thats a really kewl story i have card 25 i just got it today ( 1-5-09 ) from my teacher she gave every kid in the class a card and im really hoping that mine gets to another country cause that would be really kewl best of luck on your cards journy through its revolution

hmoreno said…
January 14th 2009

aww thats really cool!!
i just got mine today lol and i cant wait to get started

Jamie said…
April 26th 2009

woah! thats sooo awesome! i bet the people who work at starbucks NEVER see stuff like that! (people are pretty possesive over their coffee lol) I'm really glad that you got to experience that whole what comes around goes around thing in a matter of seconds... and im sure you made that guys day :) great job! BOOM BOOM!

mystified said…
December 30th 2009

That's great what you did :) I actually used to work at Starbucks, and every now and then we would have someone come through our drive-threw and pay for the next person's coffee, they would give us 5 bucks or something.

One day around Christmas I had this happen, and for about 30 cars, everyone paid for the next car in line's drinks. It's amazing how such a small act can affect so many.

April 11th 2011

wow! i just got mine. its my birthday and i did 3 today. mine are from the teen set but i really like it. My friend said dhe woke up in a bad mood and getting a not about how great she was made her day. she smiled all day it madde me feel awesome!

how do you post your story? i cant figure it out. thanks

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