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“Pay it forward”

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I wanted a frozen coffee drink and was driving by a little independent coffee shop when I had the idea to use my card. I approached the outside window and told the clerk I had an unusual request. I told him I had these cards and I wanted to pay for the next customer's drink. I said, "Does that sound weird? " He said, "It's not the weirdest thing I've heard of!" So I paid the equivalent of my drink and gave him a generous tip and sat down on the little picnic table with my husband. We were enjoying our drinks and a few minutes later, a van drove up, ordered and came around to get the drink from the 2nd window. The driver, a woman, then stopped her van and asked me if I was the one who paid for her drink. I said "yes." She was astonished, amazed, grateful. She thanked me sincerely and said it made her day! She said she would pass it on! My husband and I felt like it made our day too. It was gratifying to be able to put out such a wonderfully simple but positive energy to the world!

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