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“Holding a door! Creating a Smile and some laughs!”

I was out and about and running errands. As most doors are electronic now, the art of being kind by holding a door isn't as easy as it used to be. Well, as luck would have it, I did go to a store with an old fashioned manual door that you have to pull to open it! I saw this woman and her friend, who could only walk with tiny steps, crossing the parking lot heading to the store. Instead of just going in, I opened the door and waited. And waited. It took her a few minutes to reach me and at first she was surprised and then said, "Well, with all the bad going on in the world, it is a blessing to encounter such a good person. Thank you so much." I relied, "Always a pleasure and you are one of those good people too. I mean you are two of those good people too!" She turned and laughed and said, "You make three!" Who knew holding a door for someone could be such a great experience?

Well I do now....enjoy and hopefully if you feel called to do the same, you will!

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