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“Copy Cats”

Generally speaking, I try to hold the door open for people whenever I can. It only takes a few extra seconds to keep that door wide enough for the person behind you. It's more of an involuntary action now. I don't even think about it.
The other day though, while walking on my campus, I concentrated a little more on those doors. In 3 minutes I went through 7 doors. Through the first door only one person was behind me and he mumbled a polite thank you. When I went through the second and third door (it was a vestibule) one guy and one girl followed me. I pushed the door wide and made a point of looking back at the girl behind me. She smiled and thanked me but the guy went through the set of doors next to mine. FYI...I was passing through a building so I didn't have to walk outside. Evidently I'm not the only person who does this because by the time I reached the next set of doors (door 4 and 5) the guy who had passed me had swung it open wide and was holding it for me. I thanked him and did the same for the girl behind me. The three of us crossed the courtyard, heading for the next building, and reached door 6 and 7. Once again the guy ahead of me held the doors for me, I thanked him; I held the doors for the girl behind me, she thanked me; then she held the doors open for a girl behind her; that girl thanked the first girl; and then that girl held the door open for another guy behind her! It might seem like simple thing, but each of us had to pause a significant length of time before the person behind us reached the door and I heard 6 "thank you's" and 6 "your welcomes" in less than fifteen seconds. It was awesome!

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