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“What phone?”

Since I don't even have my cell phone with me most of the time I was wondering how to handle this one so thanks for the inspiration from Mary Thompson who instead of ignoring her cell phone said she really listened during a phone conversation.

I called a friend this weekend and while we were talking I found myself thinking, "This conversation could be over now" but instead, I continued to listen, ask questions and keep the call going which resulted in a very long, fulfilling conversation the I (and hopefully she) was really happy to have. Sometimes I just want to get off the line and move on to something else but it felt good to commit to the conversation!

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raq said…
March 31st 2009

Cell phones are a great technology and a welcome convenience in our way-to-busy lives. Unfortunately they often block people from having genuine interactions with the people standing front of them. I gladly completed this act and will continue to do so as I believe that all cell phone users need to practice polite cellphone etiquette and ignore calls when they are already in mid-conversation with someone. I hope this boomboom act becomes the norm instead of the exception.

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