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“Cheers for Lottie”

Thirty years it took but I finally wrote a letter to my high basketball and volleyball coach letting her know how much she had influenced my life. I know I thanked her way back when in that teenage way, but with some years on the planet and perspective, I have realized more than ever the skills, values and ethics that she taught me. Here's the synopsis (remember, these are metaphorical):

1. Move your feet, get into position and hold your ground!
2. You are part of a team…and don’t ever forget it.
3. Commitment is essential for success.
3a.Lead by Example
4. Shoot when you have the chance

After 40 plus years in education, Lottie retired last year and I'm sure the line is long for all of the young people she influenced, formed and transformed along the way. She truly is an awesome woman and I am very thankful for having had her in my life.

It was cool to spend a few hours reflecting on those years and experiences while writing the letter as well as thinking about how I became who I am. I only hope that the letter conveys the depth and gratitude that I feel.

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