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“Compliment 5 people”

My mother, Barbara, the recipient of this card is 91 and totally blind which is why I'm writing this for her. She received the card from her granddaughter for Christmas and has had fun completing the request to give 5 genuine compliments in one day. Barbara is living in a nursing home, recently placed on hospice and still had the energy and interest to do this. She ended up passing on the card to her favorite caregiver.

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Jennie_Lolz said…
January 05th 2009

thats a sweet story tell her shes a very kind and willing person say its anonamous (cause it is) or say its from another boom boom revolutionizer she is really sweet to do that at age 91 and being blind i cant stop thinking of how sweet she is i dont think i will ever stop saying that
my card is 25 i havent done it yet but im hoping to do it soon i think i will start now *smiles at you*
Hello Im Jennie

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