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“Pick up line”

I was out walking my dog today and I decided to pick up every piece of litter or dog poop that I would pass today. I brought bags with me, my dog, and ipod. It was great, a group of kids (young teens) saw me and asked what I was doing, I told them and they thought it was weird but cool.

Davis is a pretty clean town with many garbage cans so I did not have to carry the trash with me the whole way. I am going to give this card to a friend in the next town over to see if the clean thing spreads across the county.

Helene said…
December 22nd 2008

BillBill... you're a rock star! Picking up other dog poop is by far one of the more difficult Revolutionize it! tasks we put on these cards!

A low bow in your direction! And I imagine an unknown thanks from the person you saved from stepping in it.

mb said…
January 09th 2009

Hey BillBill! You are indeed a radical revolutionary on your way to changing the planet! This takes a strong person who is not afraid; clearly that person is you. On behalf of all those who did not get their shoes mucked up and smelly...a hearty THANK YOU and BoomBOOM!

billbill said…
February 17th 2009

HS and MB - you bring a tear to my eye with your kind words. Thank you.

Lochtelover said…
March 04th 2009

Hey Mr. W!
That's so cool of you!!!!! That's so awesome that you chose to do that. It helps everyone around you, and it's done quietly, without any glory. I mean you spend all day picking up after us messy leadership students, and then you devote more time to helping the whole community????? So cool!!!
-Guess who?

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