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“Girls night out”

I go out pretty regularly with a group of girlfriends. We always split the check evenly - no discussion (unless it is someones birthday then they don't pay). Last night we went out to a nicer resturant than usual. Part way through dinner I went and found the waitress and gave her my credit card and asked her to put the whole dinner on my card. When we were finished with dinner someone from our group asked for the check and our waitress said it was already taken care of. Everyone started to protest and asked who did it. I finally fessed up and said would you please just let me do this, just because you are my friends and I want to. A few continued to protest until someone else just said "Thank you so much" and turned to everyone else and said let's let her do it if she wants and maybe one of us can do it another time. They all just stopped and said thanks. I also got several calls the next morning to say thanks - it just felt good.

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