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“It's on me!”

I got the cards for Christmas and hadn't used them yet so the other day I picked one at random and decided that, no matter what, I was going to do it that day. I was eating lunch at a new restaurant in town and this mom and her little boy were eating across the way. I overheard when mom asked for the check and I decided it was time to play number 10. So I chased the waitress down and told her I was going to pay for their meal. She looked at me like I was insane, which was funny, and asked if I knew them. I said no, I just wanted to do it because it seemed like a good thing to do. She told me how much it was and put it on my bill. I told her to not tell them who did it. The look on both of their faces when they were told their lunch was paid for was more than worth the cost of the meal. The little boy just kept looking around to see who he thought did it. It was cute. Then, the waitress came and told me that MY meal was on the house. Boom Boom!

Newanda said…
April 24th 2009

Wow!!! That is awesome!! Reading the card I would assume to use the card on someone I was having a meal with but you completely Revolutionized it. You are an inspiration. I am going to follow your lead and try to do the same...it was a triple boom boom I think. First you bought lunch, secondly you did it for someone you didn't know, thirdly the waitress recognized the boom boom and boom boomed you!! Fills my heart with warmth. If we could all just keep this up we really can change the world!

Right on!!!

April 24th 2009

BOOM BOOM! You got the what goes around comes around in the exact moment that you performed your act. You are on top of you game! Thanks for sharing the story. I smiled when I read about the little boy:)

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