Original Deck – Card 13
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in: Gold Coast, QLD Australia

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“The Park Clean Up”

My little sister had an Easter egg hunt in the park. When we went to find the Easter eggs we noticed more rubbish than Easter eggs. So after there was no more Easter eggs to be found Emmy (Emmy is my little sister) and I decided to pick up all the rubbish together. After 10 mins 2 girls came and asked if they could help. We said of course. Their names were Sophie and Chantelle. We found lots of rubbish everywhere - we even found an empty beer bottle under a hedge! Towards the end when we were almost finished, we saw tiny pieces of shattered glass near the bin all the glass pieces were different colours. We picked all the pieces we saw. We picked up about 10 pieces each (not including Emmy because she is too small to hold glass and not cut herself.) When we had finished picking up all the rubbish, the park was a lot cleaner than it had been before.

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