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“Dirty Job”

A bunch of my friends and I were on our way to play football at a park near my house. As we were going we passed this house that's been for sale FOREVER. The front yard always has lots of crap in front of it...garbage bags, styrofoam boxes etc. It's like no one cleans it and it bugs me every time I go by it. So, I got off my bike and told them I was going to pick up some of the trash that was there. They had all kinds of opinions about that, mostly not good. I told them they could wait or go on and I'd meet them at the park. Then I started picking up stuff and putting it in a garbage can that was near by. They all stood there for a moment, rolling their eyes and saying how crazy I was. One even told me I missed some trash and pointed it out. Nice. But then I guess they couldn't help it anymore, 'cause one by one they all started picking up the trash too. It took us only about 15 minutes to clean that yard up and now it looks great and I feel good every time I go by. I bet it sells now! It looks so much better. Maybe I should get commission. I decided I am going to KEEP it clean until it sells.

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