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“Holiday Help”

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I was behind a woman at Pier One who was in a hurry and buying what looked to be a present of some kind. When the total came up on the register she was about two dollars short. I heard her tell the sales woman that she didn't want the last item and to take it off the receipt. I happened to have two dollars in my pocket. It was kind of hard to do, but I took the two dollars and stepped toward her and held it out to give it to her. I felt weird doing it and even weirder when she looked at me, all irritated, and said "No thanks". I said, "Really, it's no big deal." And she looked totally confused. Then, it was like something clicked and she smiled and said, "Really? Are you sure? Why are you doing this?" I didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything and just smiled. And she reached out and took the money. She must have thanked me five or six times. It felt pretty good. I'm glad I did it. It makes me wonder why it's often so hard to accept a kind gesture...especially if it comes from a complete stranger.

Helene said…
January 07th 2009

good job!

Lenny said…
January 07th 2009

I know you what you mean regarding folks accepting kind gestures. I wish it wouldn't be such a surprise that a stranger would be kind to someone else.

Partyof5 said…
November 07th 2011

I love this!

August 08th 2014

This is so awesome! I also totally appreciate the fact that you talked about how weird it made you feel because it can sometimes be hard to actually cop to the fact that interactions aren't always tidy. The best part is how it turned out!

As an aside, I can relate to feeling uncomfortable with kindness from strangers. While I wasn't irritated, when a woman I didn't know offered to spot me a few cents when I was in line at Caribou buying a latte before I received my Boom Boom cards (how serendipitous is that?!), I felt embarrassed but then extremely grateful just like the woman you encountered at Pier One. I also thanked her quite a few times because I couldn't believe it since it doesn't happen that often.

I think one of the reasons it can be hard to accept kindness is because of the individualistic nature of our culture as opposed to one that's rooted in giving and sharing. But that's what we're here for, right? To change the paradigm, little by little :)

mb said…
August 08th 2014

Yes, paradigm shift for sure, one small act of kindness at a time. I love that you were already Boom Boom'd before you even knew the cards existed! And yes, it is weird at first, but then once I focus on the fact that it's just about being kind, it feels less awkward. And, you are right about the individualistic nature of our society..we just need to get to the place where there's so much kindness that feeling awkward about kindness would, itself, be awkward. :)

August 25th 2014

Agreed! And actually, I've known the cards existed for a few years now. It just took me a few years to actually bite the bullet and buy them (even though I was telling people about them and how cool the idea was--weird, I know :P).

And I love your meta-analysis of kindness! Made me smile and giggle :D

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