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“Pitch Pizzeria”

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Several of my girlfriends and I were at a pizzeria standing in the entrance of the restaurant waiting to get a table. The alloted reservations for 7:00 P.M had already been filled and we were told that we would need to wait 45 minutes. As we stood for what seemed like eternity, we eventually asked the hostess if we could see a menu so that we would already know what we wanted to order by the time we sat down. We were hungry and getting antsy after waiting for now what was 50 minutes. This is when Brian, a server, came up to us and asked if he could get us a beverage while we waited. We were so surprised and genuinely happy that he noticied our long wait and wanted to make sure that we were not thirsty. He said that he noticed us looking at the menu and that while he was not very busy becuase he was waiting for a large party to arrive, he thought he might be able to help us for a few minutes. His beautiful smile and kind gesture was so appreciated that we made sure to let him know how much that meant to us and that I planned on letting his boss know. After we finished dinner, we called the restaurant manager over to the table to notify him that his employee went out of his way to help us and that we were greatful for his kindess.

This act of kindness helps to remind us that there are beautiful people in this world.

Thank you, Brian!

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