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“At the pool!”

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A couple of weeks ago I had a slip and fall incident at one of the community pools I go to. As it turns out there is a problem with the flooring and I wasn't the first one injured. I talked with the pool manager about getting a non-slippery surface and followed up with her, she was very nice, and told me I should follow up with the director. When I did so, the following week, the director and her staff were all so very nice, and we talked it through and had just such a nice discussion, it went beyond making sure that the safety issue was being taken care of (it is, en route). She maybe was expecting me to be angry, accusatory, when I asked to speak with her - I know I figured I'd get noncommittal or resistance (for no reason, other than bureaucracy and its reputation), and instead we had a really great conversation - it turned to the value of a community pool, the fitness classes on offer and how really wonderful they are, and so forth.

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