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“Revolutionized this one! In person AND in front of her boss.”

I recently had the joyful experience of having gum surgery done. The office manager was exceptionally kind and helpful when I went in for the procedure. A week later when I went in for a check up and what I expected to be about 20 minutes of insurance paper shuffling. It turned out that she'd totally dealt with all of it for me.

Days before the Holiday rush, she figured it would be best to mail it in early and that I might be too busy to do it myself in time (I needed to get it done by a very strict date).

Between work, family and holidays... I imagine I would've put it off to the absolute last minute, and so her kind act was a day changer for me.

When I was gushing about how awesome she was for doing this her boss came in and heard it all. She was blushing, her boss was nodding (he knows how great she is!). I left smiling.

Boom Boom!

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