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“Back that up”

My daughter and I were walking through the apartment parking lot. Ice was everywhere, and the local trash truck was working its way from dumpster to dumpster. As my daughter and I passed, I noticed the driver had gotten out and was spreading salt on the ice by his tires. Then, he walked over to the cars parked near the dumpster and put salt behind their tires, making sure that they didn't slip and slide into the dumpster when they got around to moving.

I called the disposal company and asked to talk to someone about the driver in our complex. The woman I spoke with asked me if I had a complaint. She was surprised to hear me compliment the driver on going out of his way to make the driving easier for the residents. She said that they normally salt their own tires, but hadn't heard of a driver stopping to help those parked nearby.

A lot of people had a better day because of that guy, not the least of which was a woman who normally only hears complaints. An unexpected bonus of a good review for a good driver.

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