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“Outstanding Friendly Generous Service is Exceptionally Rewarded”

I received excellent service from exceptional server who was friendly, smiled, made small talk and remembered my order as I have been there a few times. He knew exactly what I wanted and even remembered my dog. Sometimes it's the little things that cause you to remember not to take for granted the the people who are providing a service to you and take pride in their craft. That should be recognized even in the smallest of ways and remind them to keep up the effort and it is appreciated if not by all but a few. My bill was $8 so I just left a $20 with a big "thank you." Why not consider tipping the barista $5 for a $2 coffee? or the delivery guy a $20 tip because your food was delivered hot and on time? Just a thought how sometimes it's just the little things that count and should not be overlooked.

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