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About Boom Boom! Revolution

What is the Boom Boom Revolution?

The audacious intention to transform the world one purposeful act of kindness at a time.

Why do we need it?

Because every act, even the smallest, shapes the world. There's no time like now to do something. And no one like YOU to do it.

What does Boom Boom! Mean?

"Boom Boom" is the notion that whatever thoughts, actions and/or words you put out into the world eventually find their way back to you. You know, like a boomerang: you throw it and it eventually comes back, but not before covering a lot of ground during flight. The easiest and quickest way to communicate that karmic notion? By saying "Boom Boom!" To learn more about the concept of Boom Boom, go to the about us page.

Why call it a "revolution"?

We call it a revolution because, let's face it, it's time for one. Revolutions make change and there is no better time to start making that change than right now. We also liked revolution because of its other meaning: a complete rotation. We thought that fit nicely with our core belief that "you get back what you give." Sure, it's starting small, but we know it will consistently gain ground and then, like all revolutions, it will change everything.

Who's in on this Revolution?

We all are. So get out there and get busy. We've got a world to change.

About Boom Boom! Cards

What are Boom Boom! Cards?

Boom Boom Cards are beautifully designed pieces of art that have individual acts of kindness written on them. You register your deck, do the acts of kindness on each card, give the card away and then write about your experience on the website. You can also upload photos and video to help tell your story. Then you can follow your card and see where your small act of kindness goes using the website's mapping feature.

Do I have to do the Boom Boom! Cards in order?

Only if it makes you feel good. Really, the order of the cards doesn't matter...did Newton discover gravity "in order"? Did Columbus sail around the world "in order"? Of course not, so we don't have to change the world in order either.

Am I supposed to give the person I Boom Boom'd the Boom Boom! Card I used on them?

Not necessarily. For some cards it might make sense for the person you boom boom'd to not know why you did it (you may not want them to feel like you had to do it). Plus, giving the card to someone totally new recruits more Boom Boom Revolutionists!

Is there a certain deadline to finish the Boom Boom! Cards?

Not at all. Revolutions take time, we know that. But if you like deadlines, think about it this way: there are 26 cards, so you could do one a week and finish in about six months. Or you could do two a month and finish in about a year. Or you could really challenge yourself and do them all in 26 days! It's not how long it takes that matters, it's that you do it!

What if one of the cards doesn't apply to me?

No worries. Just do a version of it that makes sense to you, or don't do it at all and just pass the card on.

What if I already do one of the cards on a regular basis?

First of all, you're awesome. Secondly, it's not a problem. Just keep doing what you're doing and the next time you do it, just come back to the site and enter the card as a "Boom Boom!" and write about it and perhaps tell people a little bit about why it's something you do on a regular basis. Then, like all the cards, give it away to someone else.

What's up with the Boom Boom! Sticky notes? How do I use them?

Everyone loves the little green Boom Boom! sticky notes! (but almost no one knows exactly what do you do with them). Our thought behind the sticky notes was to use them to let people know they've been BoomBoom'd.

For instance, original Deck Card #20 is "Leave a note of praise, encouragement or love for someone to find in an unexpected place." Why not leave that note on a BoomBoom! sticky?

You can also use the stickies to help pass on your BoomBoom! Cards. After playing Original Card #18, for example, you could put a BoomBoom! sticky note on it saying "Play it Forward!" and place the card on the windshield. That's a fun way to BoomBoom! a stranger -- and how happy will the recipient be to discover an act of kindness instead of a $50 ticket?

Do I have to post a picture?

Well, no, but we (and your Boom Boom! Community) would love it if you did. It'll paint a picture and make us feel like we were a part of the whole experience. Don't worry...it doesn't have to be award winning, or even worthy of honorable mention status. You can be literal, metaphorical, metaphysical or just flat out whimsical...whatever you do, just make sure it's kind.

What is this, a game?

Some people think of it like that, which is cool. We like to think of it as a way of life.

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