About Us

We're a group of childhood friends impassioned to change the world. One of us had a crazy idea. The rest of us thought we'd try it. It's that simple.

Ben Gardella, Maggie Pace and Mary Beth Campbell sport their finest 70s activewear while on a family hike in Yosemite.


when one of us had this seemingly simple idea to create trackable acts of kindness cards. "After all," she convinced us, "how hard could it be to make cool looking and compelling 'call to action' cards that you can track on a companion website?"

Turns out, pretty darn hard. So after a couple years of plotting, planning and palpitations (the heart kind) Boom Boom! Cards first went live in February 2009. Flash forward years later, and these longtime friends have revamped, retooled and updated the website to make the user experience even more interesting and interactive. Over the years, our team has grown and changed, but not the founding ideals and the overarching belief that there's always a way, and definitely the need, to cultivate more good in the world.

The Original Boom Boom! Cards kit.

So, if you have ever thought, "Gee, I sure would like to help change the world", these cards are for you!

The cards come in three different 'kindness kits'€: Original, Family and Teen.

There are 26 cards in each of the kits and each one is an invitation to join the Boom Boom! Revolution, a small but growing army of people who are sure that we can re-vision the world we know and create the world we want through simple actions that allow us to reach out and exercise the innate altruism that lives in all of us.

It'€˜s an experiment, really. Aren't you curious to see what happens? We sure are. Why not get your own pack of cards, join us in this kindness revolution and play along? The worst that could happen is we add a little bit more Boom Boom! to the world.

This won't be all you'll hear from us. There's much more to come. We've got big, big plans, so stay tuned.

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